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I Hate Blair Again

I hate Blair again because we had incredible sex last night. 

Since Blair was bored today, she decided to entertain herself by pissing me off. She pretended to be angry at me because I did not send her a good-morning email. But I only send her a good-morning email when I'm bored, which is not very often. I was not bored this morning, so I did not send her a good-morning email. So when she got angry at me for not sending a good-morning email, I knew she was only pretending to be angry because she was bored. 

I hate Blair every other day. I also love Blair every other day. I know why I hate her, but I do not know why I love her. She asks me why I love her but when I try to articulate it, she critisizes my answer and tells me that's not why I love her. This always makes me hate her. The more I try to love her, the more I end up hating her. The more I hate her, the more I want to have sex with her. Sex with Blair always seems to start out as angry sex. Which believe me, is incredible sex. But at some point during that incredible angry sex, everything just melts into one big blob of love and affection. Suddenly, I'm in love with her again. And that's how I felt after we had sex last night.

So this morning when I came in, I was in a very good mood and in love with Blair. But Blair came in and was bored, so she pretended to get angry with me because I didn't send her a good-morning email. We've been arguing all day about it. 

This is only going to make me want to have sex with her again tomorrow. But If I have sex with her again tomorrow, I will end up hating her again the following day. It's a vicious cycle.

There is only one way to stop hating Blair: I have to stop having sex with her.


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