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I Love Blair Again

I love Blair again because she made me hate her again.

See what I mean? Boredom makes her want to piss me off, which makes me hate her again; but the anger makes me want to have sex with her again, and the sex makes me want to love her again. The vicious cycle.

By the way, one critical part of the vicious cycle is when I say I can only break the vicious cycle if I stop having sex with Blair. Which I vowed to stop doing as of yesterday. The next step is for me to completely disregard the stop having sex with Blair thing and have sex with Blair. Which I did last night, about 2 hours after I vowed not to have sex with Blair ever again.  

The only way I get a breather from the vicious cycle is when I have sex with someone other than Blair. Kristy is always a good diversion from Blair because she is exactly the opposite of Blair. But Wheels is busy with her husband tonight. She has to go with him to one of his work parties. Melanie has a family thing she has to go to and Lucia is tied up with her boyfriend. Brandi is going out with her friends to a party. And I still haven't seen Shannon since car sex. That really only leaves my wife. But now I have a fear that Blair will find out if I cheat on her with my wife again, so that's really out of the question. 

Maybe Conklin will have a drink with me after work. I'm sure his wife is out having sex with someone else tonight, so he should be free. He'll most likely create a scene in public and at the very least, divert me from Blair with a little entertainment. 

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