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Osmund is not a Sexist

Osmund is not sexist against women, probably because she is a woman. She believes in equality across the board. 

Osmund is the Senior Vice President of Licensing and has told all the women on her management team that they are all equals with the men in this company. As such, none of them are allowed to get pregnant.

If men don't get pregnant, they can't get pregnant. If men don't take 3 - 6 months of maternity leave, they can't take 3 - 6 months of maternity leave. If men don't nurse babies with their breasts, neither can the women in her department.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Fortunately, accidents can be terminated. Osmund has taken a very strong stance on this issue. If anyone gets pregnant on her team, that person will be fired. And that goes for both men and women, just in case you were thinking it sounds a bit sexist.

Now, on the surface this may also sound illegal. But since this requirement was a verbal communication rather than a written communication, it gets a little grey. In other words, below the surface--it's still illegal. Just harder to prove.

Osmund is also trying to get urinals installed in the women's bathroom so that they can stand and piss just like the men. She obviously doesn't know about the failure rate of the Urinal Test  in this company.

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