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Email Fishing

Gladstone showed me an email from Fournier to Morales. According to the email, Fournier wants to dip her in hot caramel and lick it off her body. Gladstone can access anyone's email at any time. Most people know that company email is not safe or confidential. Apparently Fournier did not get the memo. Granted, I have stretched the professional line with email like a rubber band, but I have reserved dirty talk for Internet email. The point here is, Fournier is married. Gladstone loves finding this sort of thing; it's like a goldmine to him. He's got an entire file on executives at this company so that in the event he needs to negotiate a fuck-up on his part, he'll have leverage.

So I started to wonder about Blair and what was in her email inbox. Szymanski is always trolling around her office; it's obvious he wants to hit that. But the question is, does she want to hit that back? Now, I know she has sex with her husband, and it doesn't bother me because she does what she has to do. But this guy Szymanski... He's younger than me, more athletic, though not necessarily better looking; his type is definitely different than whatever type I happen to be. And I know this: I am not Blair's type, though for whatever reason, she took a detour with me. He is, however, exactly her type. Light skinned, light hair, blue eyes and a clean cut farm boy face. He is anything but clean cut.

Szymanski is a bigger whore than I am. But he's single so he can afford to be less discreet, which means he hits on everyone. Blair knows this, so if he's smart, he'll play the angle that he's willing to give it all up for her. That might impress her. I hate that little fucker...

So while she's jealous that I might be having sex with my wife, I'm jealous that she might be having sex with someone other than her husband. And while she's also jealous that I might be having sex with someone other than my wife, I'm not jealous that she might be having sex with her husband. 

If you're married, you can really only cheat on the person you're married to. I really need to rethink this jealousy thing...        

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May 17, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterchantix

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