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Pengilly's Haircut

Pengilly picked the wrong day to get a haircut. Which is why Watcock is not the VP of Hardlines.

Today was the reorg, as expected. But something unexpected also happened.

Underhill was picked to be the new VP of Hardlines, but he quit today to go work for Nestle. Skeffington needed a quick replacement but couldn't find Pengilly, the EVP of Licensing, so he asked Osmund for a recommendation instead. Pengilly would have recommended Watcock because he is the most qualified person for the job. But since Pengilly wasn't there, Skeffington asked Osmund, and since Osmund hates Watcock because he’s not a woman, Osmund recommended Corning. Corning is least qualified, but since Corning is a woman, Osmund doesn't hate her and prefers putting a less qualified woman in the role than a more qualified man.

By the time Pengilly got back from getting his haircut, the announcement had already gone out. Pengilly was not happy about it, although he was very pleased with his haircut. Watcock was even less happy about the announcement and didn't even notice the Pengilly's haircut. Corning was very happy about the announcement and could use a haircut herself. And Osmund was exceptionally happy about the announcement but not impressed with Pengilly's haircut one iota. Skeffington was indifferent on all fronts.

Pengilly was furious with Osmund, which is why he went into Pangbourn's office and yelled at him for nearly a half hour. When Pengilly was angry with Osmund, he yelled at Pangbourn. When he was angry with Pangbourn, he yelled at Osmund. 

Pengilly does not like to be confrontational because he blushes when he gets angry. So he can only be confrontational with a person with whom he is not angry. If he is angry with both Osmund and Pangbourn, he calls his mother and yells at her.

Now that the reorg is over, we won't be served ice cream for another 6 months. Unless they decide to cut our bonus pool this year. Then we can expect ice cream by January.    

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