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Dinton is doing a much better job now that nobody can find him.

But although it's better that he can't be found, I need to find him. To get final approval on my CER, I need to have all the VPs in I.T. sign off on it. And while he does answer email from where ever he's hiding, I need a physical signature. I asked his Assistant Beth if she could get his signature for me, but she hasn't seen him for weeks either.

I sent Dinton an email from my Blackberry letting him know the CER was complete except for his signature. He said he was far too busy to come back to his office. I asked if I could meet him somewhere in the building so that he didn't have to come back to his office. He said he was far too busy to meet anywhere in the building. I asked him if he had lunch plans. He said he was far too busy to eat.

The thing of it is, I know he's not too busy for anything. He also knows that I know he's not too busy for anything. We each have our method of pretending to be busy, and his method is to be constantly unavailable. And to be constantly unavailable, you have to be constantly missing. If he were suddenly to appear, people would think that he was not busy again and would try to give him something to do. As executives, our goal is to do nothing and do it very well. That is the value we bring to the table.

My method of pretending to be busy is to get a lot of things done, but have other people get it done for me. The problem is, nobody can get Dinton's signature. If I don't get Dinton's signature, I can't complete the CER, and it will look like I'm not getting the job that I have other people get done for me, done. As a result, people will think I'm not busy and try to give me something to do.

I need to check with Gladstone to see if there's a way to track down Dinton by GPSing his Blackberry.


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