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McKinney set up a meeting with me to go over Recruitment. He booked conference room 3402, which was once the most popular midsize conference room in the building. However, once people realized it was haunted, nobody would go near it, except McKinney and me. It's not necessarily because we don't believe the rumors about 3402; it's because we started the rumors about 3402. We didn't start the rumors because we believed the conference room was haunted; we started the rumors because we wanted everyone else to believe the conference room was haunted so that we wouldn't have any trouble booking it for meetings. As a corner conference room, 3402 has the best view in the building; it also has the best chairs of all the conference rooms and a well stocked small refrigerator which includes mocha frappuccinos. But although we started the rumors, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't believe the rumors.

After we started the rumors, we rigged the room with a small speaker and made slight but discernable noises when people were having meetings. This really freaked people out and the rumors went rampant throughout the building. So we always schedule our meetings in this room, even when there are only two of us.   

We began our meeting about Recruitment. McKinney handed me the folder with his top candidates, but this was talent of a different sort. I opened the folder and found photos of naked women. And while I certainly can appreciate this sort of talent, I did not see how this was relevant to our current hiring needs. He reminded me of his business venture with 3-D porn.

McKinney had actually raised almost enough money from "investors" to shoot the film. He just needed a little more cash to reach the estimated budget requirements. He walked me through the business plan as if it were a CER. I asked him if Adler had approved it and then chuckled. He said yes. Apparently Adler is one of the investors.

Right in the middle of the conversation, I stopped and listened.

"Did you hear that?" I asked.

McKinney listened, but shook his head. I told him I was hearing weird noises and that maybe the rumors were true. McKinney looked at me sideways.

"We started the rumors. We know it's not really haunted. We made it up."

I looked around the room with a suspicious look on my face, then I dropped my jaw and said:

"Wouldn't that be ironic if it really were haunted?"

McKinney was freaked out just enough to end the meeting. I will now avoid McKinney for yet another month.

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