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Macho Nachos

Conklin is a picky eater. He is not, however, a picky husband, since his wife is a slut. Everyone knows she is a slut but him. He suspects she is a slut, but cannot prove it and therefore gives her the benefit of the doubt.

Today at Taco Bell, Conklin ordered Macho Nachos. Gladstone and Petrizzo were also with us. All four of us are married, but the only one who's faithful is Conklin. He is also the only one who is married to a slut. The unspoken rule is that none of us can talk about the fact that Conklin's wife is a slut. Only Conklin can call her a slut when he's pissed off at her. We cannot agree with his assessment because inevitably, he will be in love with her again the following day and will remember every nod we made when he called her a slut.

Conklin can be a hot head. And not the kind of hot head you want focused on you. 

Conklin came back with his food, sat down, looked the order over, then said:

"These aren't Macho Nachos!"

While Conklin is not the kind of hot head you want focused on you, he certainly is the kind of hot head you want focused on someone else. Because there's no greater entertainment than seeing Conklin make a scene in public.

Conklin walked up to the counter, slammed the tray down and said:

"These aren't Macho Nachos. I ordered Macho Nachos."

The Hispanic woman behind the counter kept working, ignoring him completely. He repeated himself, only louder this time. Now he's gotten everyone's attention, including the rest of the patrons trying enjoy their high carb, high sodium, high calorie, high fat lunch. 

The Hispanic woman behind the counter kept working, still ignoring him completely. Now he slammed his fist down, and in an even louder voice repeated:

These aren't Macho Nachos! I ordered Macho Nachos!"

They say timing is everything in showbiz... Apparently it's the same for Taco Bell. The Hispanic woman behind the counter slowly turned around and faced Conklin with an apathetic look on her face as all eyes and ears in the place watched and listened for her response to the angry white man. She said:

"We don't serve Macho Nachos. That's Del Taco.... Idiota."

 I've been happy all day. 

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hey, funny article :D Got here through BlogRush!

October 10, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterTina

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