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Kun is a Racial Slur

Gladstone did not like it when I called the new Accounting Manager "Kun". He got very offended and told me to use the term, "African American". I would happily call Kun an African American, except for the fact that Kun is Korean. 

"He likes being called Kun," I said.

"Bullshit," Gladstone replied.

"I even asked him, what do you like to be called, and he said, "Kun".

"Bullshit. Why are you being racist?" 

"I'm not racist. It's not my fault the new Accounting Manager is a Kun." 

Gladstone is one of my best friends, but even so, he felt the need to get HR involved. I love getting HR involved in matters like this, because they will not understand the situation either, but will still support me because I am not a Kun.

We sat down with Triplet, the VP of HR.  

"Coon is a racial slur, is it not?" Gladstone asked.

"It is," Triplet said.

"Then how can you let him get away with using it?" Gladstone demanded.

"Mr. Gladstone..." She began. "Did he call you a coon?"

"No," he said. "He called the new Accounting Manager a coon."

"Well, unfortunately you can't register a complaint about him calling someone else a coon. You can only register a complaint if he calls you a coon. The new Accounting Manager needs to register a complaint for me to be able to take action on this."

I knew Triplet wouldn't disappoint me. But this fired up Gladstone even more. He told me he would go talk to the new Accounting Manager to make sure he registered the complaint. He was adamant about not letting me get away with this.

After meeting Kun, he came back to my office, called me an "Asshole" and hasn't spoken to me the rest of the day. I'm considering registering a complaint with HR...

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