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Clogged Pipes

Triplet does not believe that someone is trying to kill me because she believes I am trying to kill myself. She does, however, think I'm paranoid. She does not believe Pangbourn is paranoid, who also believes someone is trying to kill him but has not received a single anonymous death threat. I have received an anonymous death threat, but Triplet believes I sent it to myself.  

This morning I found a bottle of Drano on my desk. This, in my opinion, is another anonymous death threat. Instead of a written note, it's a visual message. And the message is, Watch what you eat and drink

He or she definitely plans to poison me.

Or not.

He or she may just be toying with me. Trying to make me go crazy with fear and paranoia about what I eat and drink. All the while plotting some other form of termination.

I brought the bottle of Drano to Triplet. She said I was paranoid and asked if I had made my daily call to the Suicide Hotline. I said yes. In fact, I'm having drinks with the volunteer tonight.

I hate bar food, but it's sounding pretty good right now. I haven't eaten all day.

Reader Comments (2)

I found you through blogrush. You are very funny, if in fact, you were joking. If not, you are still pretty funny. I RSS'd ya, so I can keep track of you, as I plot your demise. moohahahaha

November 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterOmyword!

Yay! Welcome to my twisted world!

I think... Or was that your Drano I found on my desk...?

November 19, 2007 | Registered CommenterJason X

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