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At Thanksgiving, Gladstone and McKinney are always never thankful.

That's because Tefft is always in charge of organizing the Technology Thanksgiving potluck. For about two weeks before the event, she has a two hour planning meeting every morning starting at 8:00am. As Tefft's two key managers, Gladstone and McKinney get stuck with all the preparatory tasks for the festivity.

This year, Gladstone was responsible for decorations. Tefft is very particular about the decorations. She likes to have a specific theme, and I'm not talking about Pilgrims and Indians. Last year the theme was Pesticides Cause Cancer, so they used the left over skull and cross bones from Halloween and painted them orange and brown. They had cut-outs of Indians killing Pilgrims because they were using pesticides on the vegetables. Also, to further make the point, there were no vegetables served last year except for instant mashed potatoes.

Tefft offered a prayer expressing our thanks that we did not have cancer because of pesticides. Later, someone corrected her because Edmonds from the help desk has a brain glioma. But Tefft explained that brain tumors don't count because you can't get them from pesticides. 

Since last year was anti-veggies, I feared this year would be a PETA inspired vegetarian Thanksgiving, but thankfully, instead the theme was Pro-Gun Control. The sub theme was Pro Native Americans, because they used bows and arrows to kill, not guns like the Pilgrims. She assured everyone that none of the turkeys were killed with guns; they had all been bludgeoned to death.

This year they made cut-outs of Charlton Heston being roasted like a turkey in protest of guns. Gladstone had his people make streamers and banners that looked like a pro-gun control rally, but with Thanksgiving flare.  

McKinney was in charge of food. Since there was no limitation on the type of food this year, he also included his family recipe for chili. On top of it, he held a chili eating contest, which Tefft did not appreciate.

I was assigned to bring a side dish. I brought potato chips.

I'm stuffed. Nap time on my couch.  


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