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Frosty Frappuccino

They started carting in bottled Frappuccinos as a result of the Star Buck's Cam. If we could improve productivity by reducing the time it takes to go down stairs and across the street to Star Bucks by showing employees the Star Bucks line on the company Intranet, think of how much time savings we would gain by bringing Star Bucks directly to the office?

I've got to admit, having a cold Frapp within a few feet of my office is a lot more convenient than leaving the building. Imagine all the people I won't run into making my way outside of the building. But I like my Frapps frosty. So I'll grab a bottle and throw it into the freezer to get it nice and freezy cold. The problem is, someone keeps stealing it.

I wonder if it's the same person who's trying to kill me? And I don't mean Blair. I mean the other one. Assuming they're not one and the same, that is...

I told Teri her primary job was to now ensure all my Frapps were frosty by the time they got to my desk. I have no more time for this and cannot afford another loss. I told her to stake out the freezer with the intern. It'll keep him busy so that he doesn't have time to speak to any of the women in this building.

Although, with the resentment the intern feels for me at this point, he may in fact be the guilty party. I can't even trust an idiot.

Looks like I'll be installing another cam. The kitchen cam.

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