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Holiday Spirit

I don't have any.

But Tefft has enough for everyone. She started putting up wreaths and table top trees with lights and balls, lots and lots of red and blue balls. Her theme this year is the Apocalypse. I'm not sure she understands what the Apocalypse actually is, just that it has something to do with Christ.

Even so, the Bible Study group is very pleased with her choice because it at leastskull2.jpg implies our celebration will be all about Christmas instead of this all inclusive "Happy Holidays" bullshit. It's not that they're intolerant of other beliefs, they just think everyone but Christians should be quiet about it.

Gladstone and McKinney are again having two hour planning meetings each morning with Tefft, not only to plan decorations for our floor, but because Tefft is also on the Holiday Party Planning Committee this year and will need their help with that as well. As grueling as this effort is for my two peers, it will all be worth it in the end, given one of them will be put in charge of Drink Tickets.  It's two drinks per person, unless you know Gladstone or McKinney.

Gladstone was having trouble with the office mural because the Apocalypse is a difficult theme to tackle. I told him to show Christmas trees burning and an angry bearded homeless guy saying, "I told you so..."

The mural was a big hit with The Bible Study group. They praised its portrayal of Moses and the Burning Bush, or in this case, bushes. The Jews liked it too, which was unsettling for the Bible Study group since Christmas was supposed to be all about exclusion. The Catholics also liked it, but didn't understand why the theme for Christ's birth wasn't his death. The Indians didn't give a shit--Diwali had come and gone and they were just looking forward to the holiday party and a few days off.  

With all this holiday spirit in the air, both Brandi and Melanie decided to make up with me. But I have been enjoying the extra time without them lately, so I reminded them that statistics show an increase in suicides during the holidays. They both recanted and told me they would touch base with me again in January.

Blair is still mad about yesterday's meeting. But we'll be having eggnog and brandy by Thursday.

I don't have holiday spirit, but I'm no scrooge either.  

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