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Under Commit, Over Deliver

We had a big financial planning meeting today to discuss capital expenditure requests for 2008. Attending were Finance, Accounting, and I.T. 

Finance told I.T. what the business told Finance they needed for 2008, and I.T. agreed to do exactly half of what they requested. Finance always requested twice as much as they needed, knowing I.T. would only commit to half the request. I.T. knows this is their strategy, but since we could actually do twice what they originally requested, we were really only committing to a quarter of our capability.

Always under commit so that you can over deliver...

Gladstone decided it was time to play his game. In big meetings like this, he liked to go around the table and rank the women in the order in which he'd bang them. Here's how it went:

(1) Blair, (2) Lucia, (3) Susan, (4) Celeste, (5) Tefft.



Sent from Gladstone's Blackberry wireless handheld

I definitely agreed. But I was surprised he ranked Celeste, the Financial Analyst, so low.

Didn't you already have sex with Celeste?


Sent from my Blackberry wireless handheld

This was a very sensitive subject for Gladstone. I was just trying to get him to lose his poker face for a moment so that Tefft would know he was not conducting business on his Blackberry.

Motherfucker, you said you would never bring that up again. 


Sent from Gladstone's Blackberry wireless handheld.

His expression remained unfazed, with only mild concern as if managing a minor production issue. Unfortunately, my plan backfired as a slight smirk developed on my face as I was messaging.

Who the fuck are you talking to? And don't say it's a fucking Production issue.


Sent from Blair's Blackberry wireless handheld

I forgot for a moment Blair was in the room. She watches me every moment, even if it's just with peripheral vision. She has the best peripheral vision I've ever encountered.

I would not be able to explain my amused expression as I was messaging, since I could not show her the email I was sending. Just something for Blair to hate me for again. 

That's okay. I never committed to much and I always over deliver. She's really got nothing to be upset about.

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December 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterLdL

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