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I ignored Blair all day yesterday and today. Although she's pissed off at me for sleeping with my wife, I'm pretending to be pissed off at her so that she'll forget about being pissed off at me because she doesn't understand why I would be pissed off at her. She does this to me all the time. I don't pretend to understand it, I just know that it works. 

Whenever I ignore Blair, it always frees up my time considerably. Granted, there are four others in the User Pool, but time allocation is pretty unbalanced. Blair gets about 65% of my time. This is why there's no time to get my job done during the day. Not that I do anything anyway (let me reiterate). But neither do any of the other executives at my Corporation.  Now, don't get me wrong. I myself am not an executive. But I act like one so most everyone believes that I am one. In reality, I'm just a Manager everyone thinks is a Director who's about to be promoted to Vice President. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It all started when my boss was kicked out of the company for not being difficult enough. If an executive is not difficult, something is terribly wrong. In this case, the man was as pliable as Play Dough. Even I got everything I asked for. When subordinates get what they ask for, you know you've got a serious breech in executive conduct. So they got rid of him. It was very sudden. One day he was there, the next he was “pursuing other opportunities." Upper management planned on a long and thorough executive search, since this was a pivotal role and they had no intention of making the same mistake twice. And although it was a pivotal role, they felt the company would run just fine for many months with nobody in the position. 

So, in the meantime, I took over the role of director without the actual title, since someone had to do the job in the interim. It's very easy to do my former boss' job, since he, like all the other executives, did nothing. I didn't realize how little he did until I had to do his job. And although I have more responsibility, I actually do less. And although I do less, I get credit for more. And that, my friends, is how delegation works.

So without Blair in the picture for the last 2 days, I've had even less to do than usual. I'd better give her a call...

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