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McKinny scheduled a meeting entitled 3D Pornography.

McKinny is the Network Manager, and while he does know a great deal about his field of expertise, he has absolutely no interest in it. And while he has the skills to do his job very effectively, he only spends time doing things that are not his job. While most of us in management spend our time being unproductive, he always spends his time being very productive. It's just that his productivity provides absolutely no benefit to the company.

McKinney should have been an entreprenuer, not a technical manager. He has a way of turning opportunity into revenue. And of course, although these opportunities always seem to involve company equipment and resources, the company receives none of the revenue.

"3D Porn," he began. "I've seen 3D photos, but not 3D film."

I just stared at him. He stared back with a goofy grin as if it was suddenly going to hit me. But it didn't.

"3D photos look incredible. You feel like your face is right there between her tits," he said. "Imagine that on film."

McKinney was looking for investors and apparently planning to shoot these films himself. The best way to get rid of McKinney was to excuse myself from my office for a moment and then not return until Teri sent me an "all clear" text.   

I will now avoid McKinney for at least a month.

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