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Weekly Staff

Weekly Staff meeting with Fessler occurs once a month. Today was the day.

There's nothing Fessler hates more than his own weekly staff meeting. Mainly because he hates his staff. He always invites me to the meeting because he likes me and doesn't trust Mulhausen. Every time I walk into the meeting, Mulhausen begins to tremble. He assumes this is yet another attempt to usurp his authority. And while it was Fessler who invited me, Mulhausen acts as though I asked to be invited. Mulhausen hates the fact that Fessler doesn't hate me, but that Fessler does hate him. If Fessler could keep Mulhausen from attending Weekly Staff, he'd exclude him every time. If Fessler could keep his whole staff from attending Weekly Staff, he'd exclude all of them every time.

In Weekly Staff, Fessler speaks the entire time so that nobody else can speak. He hates hearing anyone else speak, especially if they're expressing an opinion. He can tolerate his own opinion being reiterated by someone else, but prefers to reiterate his own opinion himself. Mulhausen always tries to express his own opinion, which is why Fessler hates him the most. I always try to express Fessler's opinion, which is why he likes me the most.

Possa also attends Weekly Staff. He's the VP of Infrastructure. Possa has no opinion about any matter so he always agrees with everyone. He also agrees with any disagreement, just to be consistent.

Dinton never attends Weekly Staff. He's the VP of Data Warehousing. Dinton has less to do than anyone but cannot pretend to be doing something so he always appears to be doing nothing. And although all the other executives are not doing anything either, they all appear to be doing something. Dinton finally resolved this problem by never showing up to anything so that it appears that he's too busy doing something else. I haven't seen Dinton for weeks.    

Fessler is happy that Dinton doesn't attend Weekly Staff and wishes the rest of the staff would follow his example.

I'm glad I don't have to go through another weekly staff meeting for another month.

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