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Brandi suspects I'm sleeping with Alison because Alison and I never speak to each other. 

But I never speak to Alison because I'm sleeping with Melanie. If I did speak to her, Melanie would get jealous because Melanie thinks Alison is a slut. Brandi also thinks Alison is a slut, which is why she finds it strange that I don't speak to her. If I did speak to her, that would mean I wasn't hiding anything. But not speaking to a slut can mean only one thing: I must be hiding the fact that I'm sleeping with her. Brandi does not suspect I'm sleeping with Melanie even though Melanie and I also never speak to each other. I never speak to Melanie because I'm hiding the fact that I'm sleeping with her. Brandi does not suspect that I'm sleeping with Melanie because Melanie is Asian. Brandi is convinced that I am not attracted to Asians. And although Brandi is Asian, she pretends to be Filipina. Lucia is Filipina, but Brandi does not suspect I'm sleeping with her because we always speak to each other. I only speak to her because she manages the budget. Not that I give a shit about the budget, but it gives me an excuse to speak with Lucia without worrying about hiding the fact that I'm sleeping with her. Although Brandi is suspicious and jealous, she still always sleeps with me regardless.

If Blair suspected I was sleeping with anyone, including my own wife, she would never sleep with me again. The others often think I'm sleeping with someone else, but like Brandi, also always continue to sleep with me. But I always know when they're suspicious. Brandi gets depressed, Melanie gets quiet, Lucia weeps, and Kristy smirks because she doesn't give a shit.  

I'm going over to Brandi's place in 30 minutes. Depressed or not, we're having sex.

Reader Comments (2)

That's fucked up right there, bro.

September 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAlan

They sound like cute little fuckable Idiots.

March 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAupair

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