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Fessler's Assistant

Petrizzo does not like Fessler's Assistant Katrina. Although Petrizzo does not like large girls, that is not why he does not like Katrina. He does not like Katrina because Katrina does not like him. She does not like him because he does not like large girls, even though that is not why he does not like her. She didn't like him from the beginning because she assumed he didn't like large girls because he's Italian. And although her assumption was correct, he did not like the fact that she considered him a stereotype. And while he is the classic Italian stereotype and freely admits it, he does not think anyone should assume it by looking at him. He does not believe in judging a book by its cover, even though he judges large girls all the time by their cover.  

Petrizzo works for me as a contract Project Manager. He came to me the other day to discuss Katrina and all the shit he gets from her. "What a fuckin' bitch," he said. I told him to view work as a Sitcom. Without the quirky characters, work wouldn't be fun.

Today I realized Katrina has not been paying my AMX bills on time and now it's affecting my personal credit. Petrizzo stopped by my office when he heard me smash my lamp and throw out a few obscenities.

"Don't worry man," he said. "It's a sitcom."

I hate when my crappy advise comes back to haunt me.

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