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Ignoring Blair

I've been ignoring Blair all day because I want to see her tonight. We had the big blow out yesterday, but I inadvertently reconciled with a misinterpreted rude and sarcastic remark that was meant to end the relationship but somehow mended it instead. If that is in fact what happened, it's safe to say that a sweet and sincere remark today could inadvertently be misinterpreted as a rude and sarcastic remark that could end the relationship. Yesterday my intention was to end the relationship but instead I prolonged it. Today I want to prolong the relationship but could end it instead. If I'm nice today, she might think I'm being mean. If she thinks I'm being mean, she won't get ice cream with me after work. If she doesn't get ice cream with me, I won't have sex with her tonight. Which means I have to ignore her today.  

Blair does not like to be ignored. So I scheduled a meeting with Kornfeld and asked him to include Blair, who happens to report to him. Blair will not talk to me when Kornfeld is in the room. Kornfeld believes that she is having an affair with me, so when he's around she ignores me completely. And even though we're in the same meeting, she pretends I'm not there. The more she pretends I'm not there, the more Kornfeld thinks she's having an affair with me. The more he thinks she's having an affair with me, the more she pretends I'm not there. I'll ask her a question and she'll direct her answer to Kornfeld as if he asked the question. If she has a question for me, she'll ask Kornfeld even though I answer the question.

After the meeting Kornfeld will inevitably ask her if she's having an affair with me. She will deny it and avoid me for the rest of the day. Which is what happened. 

So I still get to see Blair tonight for ice cream and sex.

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