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The Starbucks Cam

I put a web cam in my office today that broadcasts on the company Intranet. You can watch me all day. That might not be the best idea I've had. The best idea I've had is to put a web cam at the Starbucks downstairs and broadcast on the company Intranet. I pitched this in a business meeting by saying that Starbucks coffee drinkers tend to waste a lot of time standing in the line at Starbucks downstairs when they could be adding value in the office upstairs. We lose a lot of productivity with the coffee drinker because of this. Granted, we gain some of the productivity back when they get their caffeine buzz, but there is a way to approach this more efficiently. So, I introduced the Starbucks Cam.

At any time during the day, you can check the Intranet to see if there's a long line or a short line and only go down if there's a short line. You get your coffee quicker and get back to your office quicker and get your caffeine buzz quicker and the company realizes both efficiency and productivity gains.

Everyone loved the idea except Mulhausen, who hated the idea because it was my idea everyone loved, not his. And although the idea really wasn't mine, I took credit for it even though I knew Mulhausen would hate it if he thought it was mine. And although it really would be an efficiency and productivity gain for the company, I did not pitch the idea for that reason. I just didn't want to stand in a line to get my coffee in the morning.

The Starbucks cam goes in next week.

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