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Foot Traffic

A lot of traffic in and out of my office today. A lot of near misses and one fender bender with Blair and Wheels. But first, Melanie stopped by to get my opinion on a design she was working on for the Extranet. This was a splash page with some Flash that she obviously didn't have much experience with, and about two hundred photos of individual people squished together to make up this really hideous moving marquee banner.  I told her it looked great. She gave me a blowjob at lunch.

Then Brandi stopped by to discuss a Marketing pitch, which included changes to the website. I told her she would have to get Melanie involved. She doesn't mind getting Melanie involved, because she doesn't think I'm sleeping with her because she's Asian (for some reason, Melanie thinks I'm not attracted to Asians, even though she's also Asian, though she thinks she's Filipino). If I asked her to get Allison involved, she'd get upset because she thinks I'm sleeping with her because she's a slut I never talk to. But since I told her she would have to get Melanie involved instead of Allison, she was happy that she would not have to talk to the designer I was not sleeping with (though she thought I was), and instead talk to the designer I was sleeping with (though she thought I was not). She offered to blow me after work.

Then Lucia stopped by to go over some budget numbers. She blew me under my desk.

Then Wheels showed up right about the time Blair showed up. Blair does not like Wheels because she thinks I want to sleep with her. Wheels does not like Blair, but not because she thinks I want to sleep with her; she knows I am sleeping with her because of that time in the elevator. Wheels does not like Blair because she thinks Blair is a spoiled little princess. Which is why she likes fucking with her whenever she gets the chance.  

This was one such opportunity. She did everything she could to draw my attention from Blair, who was pretending to discuss a business issue with me. I saw what she was doing in the corner of my eye, but would not take my eyes off Blair, otherwise I would incur Blair's wrath later and most likely not get a blowjob.  All of Wheels' bending and leaning, and exposing a little of her tiny but beautiful breasts, could not draw my attention. But it still did piss off Blair. Which made Wheels very happy. She also offered to blow me after work. 

I haven't seen Shannon since Gladstone lost the bet. I guess I won't be getting a blowjob from Shannon before the weekend. There's always next week...

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