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Blair found lipstick on my shirt after we had sex last night. She said it wasn't her lipstick. Looked the same to me. I mean, we went at it like animals. Of course a little of her lipstick is going to get on my clothes. But she insisted it was not hers. Blair is the most jealous, paranoid, insecure woman I know.

Okay, maybe I did go at it with Kristy in the parking lot after work before going over to Blair's place--but I don't understand how these women can tell the difference between the subtle shades of pinkish lipstick. It's unnatural. Good thing she didn't see the lipstick smear before we tore our clothes off.

Blair's biggest fear is going insane without realizing she's gone insane because she's gone insane. So I always pretend she's making insane accusations so that she'll stop making the accusation because it seems insane. Blair is, most likely, insane. But the more I tell her she's insane, the more she acts sane. So the more sane she acts, the more I tell her she's insane. This all works out the best for both of us.

Time to go to a dumb ass budget meeting.

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