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I know nothing about Technology, which is why they put me in charge of it. The amount of knowledge you have about your respective field of expertise is irrelevant. Once you reach a certain level within the corporation, the political process becomes the only thing that matters. You really don't need to know anything about your respective field of expertise because the people that work for you do. Your job is to figure out what the organization wants your department to do, then delay delivery as long as possible. For Technology, the organization wanted us to propose big projects that would support the business strategy, but only plan the projects, never actually start the projects. If someone actually tried to start a big project, they would quickly find themselves out of a job. We can only do smaller, less costly projects as interim fixes until we can actually deliver the long-term solution, which of course, is never.

At the head of the Information Technology department is corporate CIO Fessler. He's been in the field of technology for the last twenty-five years and knew less about it than I do. Mulhausen is my interim boss until they hire someone to be my direct boss. He's the VP of Application Development and reports directly to Fessler. Nobody trusts Mulhausen, least of all Fessler. Everyone trusts me, except Mulhausen. This is very frustrating to Mulhausen because everyone circumvents him by coming to me or Fessler. Mulhausen is a very insecure and feeble man who only feels good about himself when he can make others tremble. However, if the person he's trying to intimidate doesn't tremble, he begins to tremble instead. He is completely incapable of making me tremble, so he always trembles around me. And he always accuses me of usurping his authority, which of course, is what I'm always doing. He accused me twice today. I'm getting tired of it. I need a buffer, but since they won't replace my direct boss for many months, I may need to come up with an alternate plan. I wonder if I can make up a fake boss....

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