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Lucia does not believe she's cheating on her boyfriend even though she's having sex with me on a regular basis. This belief comes from the fact that there are several ways to skin a cat, but only one, for some reason, that counts. So as long as I don't skin the cat that way, she's in the clear. While this does not make sense to me, and probably less to the boyfriend, it does make perfect sense to Lucia.

Lucia has a very guilty conscience. She would not be able to live with herself if she cheated on her boyfriend. Luckily, she is not cheating on her boyfriend when she has sex with me. 

She came to my office today and helped me work the numbers. Since we can't go to her place and we can't go to my place, my office is usually the place we don't cheat on her boyfriend. Although I'm only a manager, Facilities put a couch in my office. Only Directors and above are allowed to have couches in their offices, but because everyone thinks I'm a Director, including Facilities, I receive all the benefits of being an executive level employee. Including a couch. We usually don't have sex in my office until after hours, but today Lucia was more horny than usual and just had to not cheat on her boyfriend. 

Blair will never have sex with me in my office, either during or after hours. She will, however, have sex with me in a car at the park. She knows she's cheating on her husband but does not feel guilt. However, Blair believes I'm cheating on her if I have sex with my wife, for which she thinks I should feel very guilty.   

Blair does not know about Lucia. Or Melanie or Kristy or Brandi. Keeping it that way is always a very challenging task.

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Hell yeah it is...

December 14, 2007 | Unregistered Commentergecko

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