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Athena the Lesbian has decided not to be a lesbian after all. And although she's still a Greek Lesbian, she is no longer a gay lesbian.

At the Christmas party curiosity got the best of her and she decided to experiment with Jane from Softlines, leaving me and stiffy out in the cold. Apparently she enjoyed it quite a bit. So much so, she thought it had taken and she became a lesbian. But it didn't quite take the way she thought it had taken because she really started missing stiffy, something Jane from Softlines could not provide.

So she's now back for more, which is good for me since I've fallen a little short after the whole Christmas party debacle.

For example, Lucia has not been the same since she found God and started attending Mulhausen's weekly Bible study. She believes that committing adultery with a fellow member of the Bible study group is somehow more acceptable in the Lord's eyes than fucking an agnostic like myself. After all, they have the same beliefs, they're on the same spiritual level, and they both feel guilty after they fuck and can then both drop to their knees and repent together. No harm, no foul. They have a special connection I could never offer.

And then there's Wheels... Wheels has become infatuated with Smithee. Wait a minute... Plotkin is now "Wheels" because he's in a wheelchair. I meant, Kristy has become infatuated with Smithee. She only talks to me now so that she can get closer to him. Which is why I refuse to talk to her. The less I talk to Kristy, the less opportunity she has to get closer to Smithee. In fact, I avoid her completely so that she has no opportunity to get closer to Smithee. Unfortunately, since I avoid her completely, this also means that I have no opportunity fuck her myself.

Brandi and Melanie are still uneasy around me because of that whole suicide thing. I've been meaning to turn that back around, but Smithee has been keeping me too busy. Not with work, of course, but plotting against him.

And Blendi the Virgin... Ah, that beautiful, sweet, pure, innocent little angel... She doesn't fuck. As a result, she certainly has perfected her blowjob technique. But you can't make a living on foreplay.

Blair is around, but she's also busy plotting against Smithee.

Maybe I should give Candi Kans a call...  

Anyway, I'm hanging out with Athena the Lesbian tonight. Some Lesbian sex will do me good. It's Friday and I have a long cold weekend ahead... 

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