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Tech-Babe and Blair

This question has been raised more than once: is Tech-Babe actually Blair?

In one of the comments for the post Like a Virgin, Just Curious asked: "Tech Babe are you Blair? You sure sound and act like her..."

Tech-Babe and I both responded in the comments section.  

I admit it is odd that nobody has ever seen Tech-Babe and Blair together at the same time. And nobody knows Tech-Babe's real name, which could be Blair, even though Blair's real name isn't Blair. 

As I mentioned in my response to Just Curious, I don't see any similarities between Tech-Babe and Blair other than their penchant for colorful language. And I doubt Blair would be so friendly after reading my posts about Athena the Lesbian, Blendi the Virgin, Lucia, Wheels, etc. But then again, maybe I'm just misleading you. I've been known to do that.

So now I'm just curious. How many of you think Tech-Babe is Blair?  


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