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Cathay Pacific

Here’s what I like about a 15 hour flight to Thailand on Cathay Pacific:cathay.jpg

  1. The flight attendants are mostly Asian women and I kind of have a thing for mostly Asian women.
  2. The flight attendants are mostly hot Asian women and I definitely have a thing for mostly hot Asian women.
  3. There is a large selection of movies and television shows available to watch and I love watching the tube.
  4. The seats in business class are like little pods so I don’t have to talk to anyone and nobody can talk to me—except for mostly hot Asian flight attendants.
  5. Although the company is shelling out a huge chunk of cash to fly me to Thailand, I don’t have to do anything remotely related to work on this flight.
  6. Food and alcohol are brought to me by mostly hot Asian women and I don’t have to do jack shit; if only they threw in a back massage and a happy ending, I’d never get off this plane. (I'll get to that...).

Here’s what I don’t like about a 15 hour flight to Thailand on Cathay Pacific:

  1. It’s a 15 hour flight.

My favorite hot Asian flight attendant is Boon-Mee. I can make all the other hot Asian flight attendants smile, but I make Boon-Mee giggle. All overseas Asian women seem to smile like friendly street corner hookers; it’s part of the culture. Except maybe Vietnamese women. They’re a little harder around the edges. But if you can make an Asian woman giggle, that means you’re in. And when I say in, I mean all the way in.

Eight things I like about Boon-Mee:

  1. I can make her giggle.
  2. Her cute little bob haircut.
  3. Her bite size breasts.
  4. She keeps touching my thigh.
  5. She values flirting with me more than her job.
  6. She giggles even more when I cross the line with dirty innuendo.
  7. She gives me the fuck me look every time she walks by my pod.
  8. After lights out, she met me in the upstairs bathroom and let me tap her hot Asian ass.

That’s right. I guess that’s also another reason I like a 15 hour flight to Thailand on Cathay Pacific. The hot Asian flight attendants fuck you in the bathroom.

I know, I wouldn’t believe it either unless it happened to me.

So far the trip is going very well... 

Reader Comments (3)

Ummm. Mile high. I think I can still remember those contortionist days. LOL Enjoy, dude!

May 24, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWinter

With a name like "Boon-Mee" she was just throwin' it at you! LOL!

May 24, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTech Babe


June 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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